Happy March

Well the weather is turning nicer and we hope some people are getting around more. Just wanted to remind you about out procedure here at Stemie’s.  We are still following CDC rules. You still need to wear a mask TO ENTER THE BUILDING, and at ALL TIMES unless you are SEATED.  The bar is still not open. We have Inside Seating and Curbside for your convenience. (we have added a 20% gratuity to all to go orders)  We hope you understand the servers need to take the order, make sure its right, organize and bag orders.   We are open Monday – Saturday 11am to 9pm. CLOSED SUNDAYS!!!!  Stay safe and healthy!!!!


St Patrick’s Day will be here soon. This year we will not be having our regular Corned Beef & Cabbage or Sheperds Pie. Instead we will serve (Rachel Sandwiches w/side) and (Guiness Beef Stew w/rye bread). Monday the 15th thru. Wednesday the 17th. Also available are Kelly’s Car Boom Cupcakes.    We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope you have a great day.

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