June 9, 2020

          Hello Everyone!!   Starting Thursday, June 18th we will be offering call-in for curb side. This will be available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm. to 8pm.  Please do not leave any orders on our phone or this web site as we are only doing call -in.  Also disregard days and hrs on menu pages just go by this post. We will be doing a limited menu for now.  Our entrees will not be available, also some appetizers. All of our martinis will be available and also our chocolate peanut butter cake that everyone keeps asking for. It is important for you to check the menu pages when ordering cause I’m sure things will change day to day.

          Please bare with us at this time as we begin to reopen. We are hoping to add hrs and days as we can. Our goal is to get our staff back to our normal schedule. Unfortunately this may take some time as we need to go by the covid-19 rules for safe distancing. We know everyone has their own opinion on all this and sometimes everyone isn’t going to agree. But right now we need to do whats good for our family, our employees, and especially you our customers  



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